website is published! website is a fork of and is hosted on netlify.

I created this website as an alternative to Cpanel AppCatalog because it hasn't been updated in years and if you want to submit a plugin, their review process takes weeks.

The website creates a plugin page for each github repo added inside plugins.yaml file

Hopefully will soon also include other peoples plugins as well, and not just my own. 😄

Fellow cPanel plugin developer

UPDATE (27.06.2022): Carlos Faustino is the second cPanel plugin developer featured on I want to personally thank him for his support of this project.

Have a plugin that you would like to add to ?

To add your plugin:

  1. Fork this repo cpanelplugins/
  2. Add your plugin information to the plugins/plugins.yaml file
  3. Make a pull request with the following title: ADD PLUGIN