cPanel & WHM Systems Administrator II Exam (CWSA-2) Answers 2022

All of the following resource limits may be set in a package except ...

  • cPanel accounts

Which API allows you to manage cPanel licenses

  • Manage2 API

What is the purpose of the template file in a Plugin?

  • Displays UI content

The location of the branding files for root is found in which of these locations?

  • /var/cpanel/customizations/brand

The EasyApache profiles are found in which location?

  • /etc/cpanel/ea4

A simple definition of a "package" on a WHM server would be as follows:

  • a set of resource limits and list of usable features

Assuming a cPanel account is using a Feature List with the "SSH Access & Terminal" feature enabled, which privilege will they need to actually access the Terminal feature?

  • Terminal Access

When setting "Disk Space Quota" during package creation, in which unit format must the quota be specified?

  • MB

As an end user, which is the proper way to restore your full cPanel backup?

  • Contact your hosting provider

The main purpose of the application Git is?

  • code version control

What is the version control feature provided by cPanel?

  • Git™ Version Control

Which of the following git commands would you use to update the master branch?

  • checkout

All of the following external services are available for remote backup destinations except ...

  • iCloud

Which of the following can be customized in a package?

  • Feature List

cpapi2 calls are similar to which other type of API calls?

  • uapi

Which term is defined as: "Applies an overlay on the skeletal framework for all of the interfaces"?

  • theme

When you run the "ea_install_profile" command and you want to test the output, but not actually install the profile you would use which option?

  • default (no option)

When creating a custom profile file, which file type is used to store the information?

  • JSON

Which term is defined as: "modifies an interface’s features or functionality, and it may also include changes to the interface’s appearance."?

  • plugin

You would use uapi functions when you want to perform which type of operation?

  • cPanel account-level operations

The location of the branding files for resellers is found in which of these locations?

  • /home/reseller/var/cpanel/reseller/brand

Which term is defined as: "Adding custom content to header or footer of the UI"?

  • includes

What does the alias /scripts/ point to in the file system?

  • /usr/local/cpanel/scripts/

When using whmapi1 on the command line and you want to perform a key/value call to the API you can specify all the following output formats except ...

  • txt

To register a hookable event which script would you run?

  • /usr/local/cpanel/bin/manage_hooks

All of the following code types can be run as a hook except …

  • NodeJS

All of the following types of code can be used as a hook action code are permissible except …

  • .exe

Hook action code must be treated as an encoded data structure of which of the following types?

  • JSON

All of the following categories are hookable events except …

  • Update

To enable debug mode you would do which of these actions?

  • Choose the option from the Tweak Settings interface.

How many categories of hookable events are possible?

  • 8

All of the following stages can be hooked during a backup except …

  • post

The script that you need to use to “register” your standard hook is called …

  • register_hooks

All hook action scripts must have the correct file permissions to work properly, which permissions do they need to have?

  • 755

Webmail plugins are available to which type of accounts?

  • Mail user

An example of an API could be seen as which of the following situations?

  • Acquire a list of databases

What part of an API call will specify the session of the call?

  • token

cPanel plugins are available to which type of accounts?

  • User-Level

What of the following can be described as a structured way for one program to offer services to other programs?

  • API

All of the following are features of the developer license except …

  • production accounts are forbidden

WHM plugins MAY BE available to which types of accounts?

  • Root or Reseller

Which file contains the settings for a plugin?

  • Configuration

While not advised, which port would you use for unsecured API calls to a specific cPanel account?

  • 2082

Which API performs server-level tasks?

  • WHM API 1

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